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its okay , its a slow process to make it vanish

its been a slow process with this bundle... like the barrier repair the best..

Hi Linley, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We totally get you about it being a slow process. Healing is a journey, one that doesn't happen overnight and is unique to each individual. Some people might see quicker results, while for others, it may take a bit more time. We applaud you for sticking with it and we're with you on this journey!

Great find!

Skin is softer and less red. Added so much moisture to my skin. I will keep using this product.

Thank you for sharing your experience! We're so happy to hear that our product has brought such positive changes to your skin. Be sure to share the love with your friends too!

Life saving product

I’ve finally found a product for my facial eczema that works. After years of dryness, redness, irritation and itching my face has never looked better. The intensive ointment is by far the best product I’ve tried and believe me I’ve tried too many to mention! It gets rid of those stubborn dry patches, reduces inflammation and redness and keeps my skin moisturised for hours. And the best part - no more steroids!

Hi Emma! We're delighted to hear that our intensive ointment has helped improve your eczema! Your experience means the world to us, and we're glad that our steroid-free solution has made such a difference for you. Feel free to spread the word to others who might benefit from it too!

Love this brand!

I have been using all four Curezma products for the past month and a half and have noticed a drastic improvement in my son's eczema. After initially being hesitant to try the product, I am now regretful that I didn't start using it sooner as it has greatly helped with my son's skin condition. I’ve completely stopped the usage of steroids on his skin. My favorite of the four products is the Antiflare oil which stops his itchiness almost instantly. I’ve recommended this brand to my friends and family.

Hi Arya! We're overjoyed to hear about the improvement in your son's eczema! Thank you for giving Curezma a chance and for sharing your positive experience with us, it warms our hearts to hear this! We hope you can share this good news with your friends & loved ones too.

Son eczema

We have only had this for a week but has really helped my sons extremely dry skin

HI Bronwyn. We're happy to hear our product is helping your son's skin so quickly! Thanks for trusting us. If you need anything, feel free to reach out. And if you can, please share Curezma with your friends!

Actually works!

Curezma actually works. I used it on my son’s mild eczema and it helped reduce flare ups and maintain the moisture in his skin. I started with steroid creams and although they work quickly, the eczema came back just as quick. They’re not safe and definitely not a long term solution. I tried so many natural alternatives and this by far is a winner. I genuinely recommend Curezma! I love the repair serum and ointment

Hi Tess! We're delighted to hear that Curezma has effectively treated your son's eczema! Thank you for choosing natural alternatives and for your support. Your recommendation means a lot to us – please share the love with your friends and family!

So Soothing

This cleanser is so soft and gentle. Most cleansers I have used that are gentle and nourishing don't foam. This one foams beautifully and feels so good on my skin. I have been searching for a cleanser like this for ages. Thank you for a beautiful eczema cleanser.

Hi Chantal! Thanks for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that our cleanser has met your expectations and provided the experience you've been searching for. Your kind words mean alot to us. Share your discovery with others so you can help them find the perfect cleanser too!

Baby & kids bundle

What a difference a week can make, my almost 3 year olds skin is soft and moisturised and the red scaly patches are almost a distant memory. Thank you Curezma

Hi Kristine! Thank you for choosing Curezma for your child's skincare needs. We're delighted to hear about the transformation in your little one's skin! It's heartwarming to know that our Baby & Kids Bundle has brought relief and comfort. Help others benefit from Curezma and share your journey!

Amazing Product!!

We were really struggling to find the right product for our little girl, until I stumbled across this and decided to give it a go a late night order and I’m glad I done it, I purchased the bundle as I was keen for anything that works and so far we have tried them all and seen amazing results. I will be stocking up to make sure we always have it on hand where ever we are.

Hey Brooke! Thank you for your enthusiastic review! We're delighted that Curezma has provided such amazing results for your little girl. Your support means the world to us, and we're here to ensure you always have access to the skincare solutions you need. Don't forget to stock up and share the love with friends and family!

Great product!

The anti-flare up oil has been a great addition to my toddler’s bath time routine. It really helped to treat any itchy red patches within a week and for us it has been a great alternate to steroid creams. Will purchase again

Hi Alison! We're so pleased to hear that our Anti-Flare Up Oil has been a valuable addition to your toddler's routine! Thank you for sharing your positive experience.Your feedback inspires us to continue delivering effective eczema solutions. Share your Curezma success story with others looking for gentle yet powerful alternatives!

Works like magic

My daughter gets flare ups after eating certain foods like tomatoes or avocados which she LOVES. Her face get all red and itchy and it causes her a lot of discomfort. Ever since we found out about Curezma, I apply a few drops of the Anti-Flare oil on her skin, and the rash disappears within 20 minutes. It's a little bottle of magic, and a must-have in our household and we carry it around with us everywhere! Now I don't have to stop her from eating the foods she likes. Definitely recommend this potent little bottle!

Hi Nimarta! It's wonderful to know that our product has provided quick relief and has become a must-have in your household. And it's so lovely to hear that Curezma's Anti-Flare oil works like magic for your daughter's flare-ups. Inspire others with your story of our little bottle of magic!

Must-buy product for eczema

I am amazed at how these products are actually working. There has been a huge improvement in skin texture. Itching didn't instantly go away but that has been solved by introducing gut probiotics. The combination of treating gut health and applying Curezma creams has been the most effective I've tried on my baby so far. Thank you Curezma, your products are not a gimmick!

Thank you for your glowing review! We're so happy to hear about the significant improvement in your baby's skin texture. It's wonderful to know that our products, along with gut probiotics, have provided effective relief. We thank you for your support. Please help us spread the word about Curezma and share your experience with others who will benefit from our products!

Does what it says

When all moisturisers, serums, lotions, creams made my daughter cry from stinging and pain, this anti-flare oil was the only comfort to her. Although it didn't keep her skin moisturised for long periods, the short term relief was still something worth being grateful for.

Hi Nikki, we are so glad to hear that your daughter found relief from the Anti-Flare Oil. It is clinically proven to provide instant relief from itching, redness, and inflammation. In terms of moisturisation, we would recommend a combination of the Barrier Repair Serum and Intensive Ointment. Hope this helps.

Intensive Ointment

I had very red and inflamed, itchy skin around my neck and collarbone and also eyelid eczema. My eyelids are extremely dry. I have tried every treatment under the sun, every cream, oil, ointment etc. Have even tried laser therapies for my eczema. The intensive ointment has been life changing for me. I have not had any reactions to it at all. It softens the skin on my neck and eyelids and immediately takes the itch out of my skin. Thanks for creating this wonderful product. Fast delivery too and very kind owners! Highly recommend.

Hi Daniela. We're so pleased to hear that our Intensive Ointment has been life-changing for you! It's heartening to know that our product has provided relief without any adverse reactions. Your kind words and recommendation are deeply appreciated. We hope you can share your positive experience with Curezma to others who may benefit from it!

A must have!

This serum pairs so wonderfully with the cleanser and the ointment. Easy to apply, absorbs super quickly (important with a toddler), has a cute and engaging polar bear on the packaging and again- just delivers in helping aid my son's eczema and giving him some relief.

Hi Nicoline. We're delighted to hear that our serum has been a valuable addition to your son's skincare routine. How nice it is to hear you can put your son's eczema at ease quickly. We're grateful for your feedback and support. Please share your experience with others who might be in need of quick relief!


We had absolutely zero expectations and this ointment absolutely blew us away! Easy to apply, smells good but most importantly: delivered what it promised! Our sons skin was visibly less inflamed the next morning.

Hi Nicoline. We're thrilled to have exceeded your expectations with our ointment!. It's fantastic to hear that his skin showed visible improvement after using our product. Thank you for putting your trust in us! We hope you can share Curezma with others who are looking for relief!

I love your eczema products!

I have tried countless products, visited dermatologists and spent a lot of money to help my son's skin over the last 2 years. Everything would either sting, not moisturize enough or simply not do anything. It's so deflating so when I discovered Curezma, tried them and they worked I was so relieved! I feel good applying them to my 6 year old as not only does it soothe his itchiness, dryness and redness making him feel good, it also makes me feel good as a mum knowing I'm putting quality ingredients on his skin that actually repair his skin. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you for making these valuable products!!

Thank you for your heartwarming review! We're delighted to hear that Curezma has brought relief to your son's skin and peace of mind to you as a parent. We appreciate your trust and support dearly. Please help us by sharing your positive experience with Curezma, we are sure other parents might be facing similar challenges too.

Actually works!

I have eczema and so does my son. We’ve tried steroid creams and although they work for a while, the eczema always comes back and I never wanted to use steroid creams long term.
When my sons eczema flared up after a rash a couple of months ago I came across curezma and decided to give it a try. Before this I’ve tried countless other non steroid creams but they never worked.
We have been consistent for a week now, with the cleanser, serum and ointment before school, after shower AND before bed everyday, and it has truly changed his skin. The itch is still there, but has drastically reduced, inflammation and redness has reduced so much as well. He feels so much better as well, and that is all any parent could ask for.

Love it and my son skin cleared after 3 showers


Great products that help the redness of my 4 year olds skin.

Baby+Kids Eczema Regime Bundle

My four year Autistic non verbal grandson was born with eczema on his arms, legs and neck and shoulders. We have tried several different ointments and creams from several different Doctors. Although they relieved the itching, my grandson did not like having it applied and would get upset every time it was applied. I can't remember where I came across an advert for Curezma but after reading through it, I decided to give it a try. After using the products for about a month now, there, There has been a marked improvement in my grandsons
symptoms and he no longer gets upset when we apply the medication.
I highly recommend these products and I am about to reorder.

Working good

Happy thank you

Break through cream

Has worked wonders on my granddaughters hands

Baby + Kids Eczema Regime Bundle
Camilla Van den Berg
Incredible products

I am SO happy I found Curezma. Both my boys suffer from eczema and I have seen rapid improvement within 3 days of use. I have also used it myself as I suffer too and it has made a huge difference for me. I recommend these products so highly.


Thank you I am more than pleased with results. Quick delivery very well packaged.