About Curezma

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Meet Jai + Aditi

As a parent, seeing a child suffer is the most painful thing one can experience. Jai and Aditi saw their friends' children and their own go through agonising pain and suffering because of eczema. Jai recalls a time when their 5-year-old daughter's eczema flared up with a vengeance, and they had to beg a nearby restaurant for some olive oil to relieve her skin.

It was heartbreaking that there was no effective steroid free solution in the market to help those young souls. So together with his business and life partner, Aditi, a cosmeceutical scientist, they put their R&D lab, Arete Labs, to work to find a breakthrough solution for eczema.

After over three years of researching, testing hundreds of different formulations, and working tirelessly to find the perfect combination of ingredients, their efforts finally paid off and something truly special was created...

Australia's first non-steroidal skincare treatment for eczema that not only relieves the symptoms but addresses the root cause of eczema.

Today, as Aditi and Jai launch Curezma, their hearts are beating with anticipation. For them, it's not just about a product, it's about the hope it brings. The hope that people will finally be able to reclaim their lives from the grip of eczema. The hope that families will no longer have to watch their loved ones suffer.

Jai and Aditi are eager to hear your stories, to know how Curezma has helped you find relief, comfort and a renewed sense of hope. They know the joy that comes from seeing loved ones happy and healthy, and they want that for you too.