Money Back Guarantee

We believe wholeheartedly in the power of our products. They've successfully passed some of the most rigorous safety and efficacy trials conducted by a global lab for any Australian OTC & Skincare products right here in Australia.

Understanding eczema's complexity, we know that results can vary. Healing is a journey, one that doesn't happen overnight and is unique to each individual. Some of you might see quicker results, while for others, it may take a bit more time.

To stand by our confidence and support you on your journey, we offer a full refund if you don't see the results you were hoping for.

Everyone's Results Can Vary

As the severity of eczema is different for everyone we don't know what your results will be. But we know if you give it a good go you might be like Rhiannon and end up with this to say.

"At first we didn't think it was working as my daughters eczema was extreme, it did take some time before we started to see an improvement. Within about 2 weeks the redness had reduced and her stomach & back started to clear up. By week 4 her stomach eczema had gone in full and 3 weeks later its still gone. Now her trouble areas are her legs and arms which we can see an improvement after 6 weeks.

I certainly would recommend giving curezma products a go they do work. They may take a little while but you will see results. Wish I knew about the products sooner to save having a collection of creams that didn't work. Would have saved me a fortune at the chemist trying new creams, specialists appointments and trying to get to the cause of her eczema"


Or Dr Kelly

“I have a 7 yo daughter who suffers with eczema. This presents around her mouth which she is particularly upset by as it seems to draw attention. I used the serum, balm and ointment for 2 days and these are her results. No itch, skin healed, and no relapse. I was relieved as this worked very quickly and I have been able to avoid topical steroids.”
DR KELLY (Picture Bottom Left)

How to Claim Your Refund:

Capture Your Journey:
 Start by taking a "before" photo of your eczema-affected area on the first day of using our product. Follow up with an "after" photo to show your progress.

Follow Through: 
Make sure to use the product consistently as directed.

Share your Feedback: 
After you’ve given our products a sincere effort, compile your journey’s photos and email us at

We also encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our chemists, available either in person in Sydney or via Zoom. This step helps us understand your experience and how we can assist you further.

Processing Time:
 Allow us 3-5 business days to review your claim.

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