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Sleepless nights, endless research, tried and tested creams, dermatologists and the stress of watching someone you love suffer or experiencing that suffering is a pain we wish on no one. We have been there. Our Daughter suffered from Eczema which is why we created Curezma. Read Our Story Here.

So as a gift to you, from one parent to another, we would love to give you a FREE Anti Flare Oil with any bundle purchase. But first here's why you should try Curezma:

  • A product that's undergone one of the largest clinical trials of any OTC Eczema Brand In Australia
  • A product that doesn't just target the symptoms... but targets the root cause, health and regeneration of your skin
  • A product made by people who care about what you put in your skin.
  • Full Money Back Guaruntee
Eczema association approved treatment
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A steroid free eczema solution

Eczema Mum Lauren M.

"Truly I am so grateful for your hard work and producing such a wonderful and cost friendly product. It has been such a long, sleepless, itchy and hard journey and I am now feeling like we have a steroid free solution.

I feel like I am coming back to life and perhaps I can think of other things than just eczema! This is easing so much anxiety on my end, as every time I applied the steroids I would feel sick to my stomach! Plus it was only ever a band aid fix. So thank you again. The world needs to know about Curezma!"

Barrier Repair Serum | Intensive Ointment | Anti-Flare Oil

Eczema rash on face
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steroid free eczema cream for Kids

Mum Rhiannon H.

“My child's stomach was a source of constant discomfort, and I felt helpless. I have tried everything. After applying Curezma regime, by week 4 her stomach eczema has gone completely. The best part is her scratching and redness in the affected areas has gone”

Cleanser | Barrier Repair Serum | Intensive Ointment | Anti-Flare Oil

Steroid Free Eczema Solution
Steroid Free Eczema Solution

I Can't Believe The Difference

"My skin reduced in redness and it's so smooth now. It did get a bit more red to start with but after 7 days I can't believe the difference! Thank you."

Hypoallergenic Cleanser | Barrier Repair Serum | Intensive Ointment | Anti-Flare Oil

Faialofa V.

Our boy looks forward to doing skin care!

“My son suffers from severe eczema, we've been off steroid for approx. 4 months. I am beyond frustrated with all the natural products that only work short term or agitates my son’s skin even more. After 3 days of using Curezma his skin is definitely responding well to the treatment. And a much happier little boy, thank you so much for restoring our faith. Our boy actually looks forward to doing skin care routine instead of the dreaded agonising fear he once had or applying his creams”

Hypoallergenic Cleanser | Barrier Repair Serum | Intensive Ointment | Anti-Flare Oil

Severe Eczema
severe eczema
Eczema Mum - Phoebe

Remarkable Outcome - Unprecedented

‘’Thank you so much for creating a great product. You will see in the photos that my son has had a remarkable outcome from using the cream for only 1 week. We had been using your other products prior with some improvement but this was unprecedented.’’

Cleanser | Barrier Repair Serum | Intensive Ointment | Anti-Flare Oil