Understanding Bathing with Eczema

For those with eczema, the bathing routine can either soothe or aggravate the condition. Proper techniques and products are crucial to maintain skin hydration and prevent flare-ups.

  1. Use Lukewarm Water:

Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Always use lukewarm water to bathe, which is gentler on the skin. Bathing with eczema in lukewarm water helps maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier. This is crucial for both adults and children.

  1. Limit Bath Time:

Keep baths and showers short, ideally between 5 to 10 minutes. Prolonged exposure to water can dry out the skin. This is especially important for babies and kids, who may enjoy longer bath times but need to be careful to avoid exacerbating eczema symptoms.

  1. Choose the Right Cleanser:

Opt for gentle, fragrance-free cleansers. Harsh soaps can disrupt the skin barrier, exacerbating eczema symptoms. Curezma’s Hydrating Hypoallergenic Cleanser is an excellent choice as it contains prebiotic inulin that helps balance the skin microbiome, supporting overall skin health.

  1. Moisturise Immediately After Bathing:

Pat your skin dry with a soft towel, leaving it slightly damp. Apply a non-steroidal eczema cream immediately to lock in moisture. Curezma’s Intensive Ointment is ideal for this purpose, providing hydration and soothing the skin without the risks associated with steroids. 

  1. Avoid Scrubbing:

Scrubbing can irritate the skin and trigger eczema flare-ups. Use your hands or a soft cloth to wash gently. 

  1. Use Soft Towels:

Dry your skin with soft, non-abrasive towels. Avoid rubbing the skin; instead, gently pat it dry. 

  1. Protect The Skin:

After bathing, dress in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton. Avoid wool and synthetic fabrics that can irritate the skin. 

Bathing properly is a vital part of managing eczema. By following these tips and incorporating non-steroidal eczema creams into your routine, you can maintain your skin's health and reduce the frequency of flare-ups. Remember to choose gentle cleansers like Curezma’s Hydrating Hypoallergenic Cleanser, which supports the skin microbiome, and always moisturise immediately after bathing to lock in moisture.





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