Corticosteroids: Effective Treatment for Eczema?

At Curezma, we understand the concern surrounding the use of corticosteroids for eczema treatment. Unfortunately, corticosteroids are the preferred treatment for eczema, even in mild cases and for children. We strongly believe that steroids should be the last resort for treating eczema, especially in children. At Curezma our vision is a world where corticosteroids are no longer required. That's why we strive to provide an alternative solution without the side effects. Our clinical trials have shown that Curezma is as effective as corticosteroids but without the drawbacks.

What are Topical Corticosteroids?

Topical corticosteroids are products used to treat inflammation, itching, and skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. They are applied directly to the skin in the form of sprays, gels, lotions, or creams. Corticosteroids belong to a class of steroids that have anti-inflammatory effects.

Understanding Glucocorticoids

Glucocorticoids are a type of corticosteroid that resembles cortisol, a natural hormone known for its anti-inflammatory properties. They can vary in potency, ranging from mild to very potent. Hydrocortisone is a mild glucocorticoid commonly used as a benchmark, while stronger steroids like Clobetasol Propionate require a prescription.

How do Glucocorticoids work?

Glucocorticoids reduce inflammation and its effects on the skin. They achieve this by inhibiting the release of inflammatory molecules, constricting blood vessels to reduce blood flow and inflammation, influencing gene expression to control inflammation, and suppressing the immune system in the area.

Side Effects of Topical Steroids

Prolonged or excessive use of topical steroids can lead to local side effects such as thinning of the skin, stretch marks, spider veins, and tachyphylaxis. Topical steroid withdrawal and allergic reactions are also possible. Systemic side effects are rare but can occur with high-potency steroids in infants and children.

Introducing Curezma

Curezma Barrier Repair Serum offers an alternative to corticosteroids with no side effects. Our serum has undergone clinical trials and is proven to repair the skin barrier function in just five days. It activates immunosurveillance pathways, enhancing the skin's natural immune response without suppressing it. This improves the production of anti-microbial peptides, promoting healing and a healthy skin immune system.
Reclaim Your Life with Curezma. We believe in treating both the symptoms and root causes of eczema. All our claims are validated through independent clinical trials. To learn more about our research and corticosteroids, click on the links below.

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