The Only Eczema Care That Helps Skin Heal Itself

Lasting Results. Always Steroid Free

Curezma understands that eczema isn't just skin deep, it affects your whole life. But we know you are more than your eczema.

You are a warrior, a fighter, and a survivor. Reclaim your life, eczema warriors.

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Best eczema cream
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I Had Tried Everything!

"My little girl has been experiencing eczema for about a year. Prior to using Curezma, I can honestly say that I tried every over the counter eczema cream along with a collection of prescription creams. Curezma products have been a game-changer. I've already recommended them to other parents.”

Eczema Mum Rhiannon M.

The Curezma Difference

dermatitis eczema

Aids your skin's natural healing process.

eczema in babies

Steroid-free and effective for your baby.

eczema care

Developed by parents, for parents.

Scientifically Proven Results

To prove the safety and efficacy of our product range we put the Curezma regime through the largest ever clinical trials conducted for an Australian brand within over-the-counter (OTC) and Skincare Industry.

Based on clinical trials conducted by Curezma in volunteers with eczema prone skin

*when used Curezma product regime
^When using just Curezma Anti Flare Oil as a stand-alone product.

The only eczema care range that helps skin heal itself

Are you tired of eczema getting in the way of your everyday tasks like showering or getting dressed? We get it. You've tried every eczema cream out there but nothing seems to work.

That's why we developed Curezma. Unlike other products, our clinically-proven patented formula doesn't just mask symptoms but aids your skin's natural healing process.

In as little as five days, Curezma eczema cream repairs your skin barrier and locks in moisture for 100 hours, so you can enjoy healthy, nourished skin. Break free from the cycle of frustration and start living your best life with Curezma.

Steroid-free & effective for your baby.

We feel your pain as parents when it comes to finding a treatment for your child's eczema. You're tired of trying eczema cream after eczema product with no luck and possibly putting harmful steroids on their skin.

Enter Curezma - a non-steroidal patented eczema care that works wonders for eczema, even in babies.

Curezma has gone through one of the largest clinical trials in Australia, proving its effectiveness without any harmful side effects. Give your baby's delicate skin the best and safest care possible with Curezma eczema creams.

Paraben Free Eczema Cream
Eczema association approved treatment
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What Eczema Warriors are saying


I have a 7 yo daughter who suffers with multiple atopic conditions including eczema. This presents around around her mouth which she is particularly upset by as it seems to drawn attention. I used the serum, balm and ointment for 2 days and these are her results. No itch, skin healed and no relapse. This has also been used topically to treat her elbow and back of her knees for eczema with the same result. I was relieved as this worked very quickly and I have been able to avoid topical steroids.

Dr Kelly Thornbury

This product has been a game changer!
This product has been a game changer 🙌 The instant relief is noticeable as it’s full night’s sleep no scratching through the night.

Chantal Beetham

The products are all steroid-free and ACTUALLY work!
This brand has completely cured Penelope’s eczema! She always had a dry, red, itchy belly that she would scratch and then it would bleed and become scabby. Since we’ve trialed this product it’s completely cured! Not one little dry patch since using these products.

Eczema Mum Lou
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